Bamberg County School District aims for all of our students to succeed academically. Our students are presented with formidable curriculum to ensure that they are college and career ready by highly qualified teachers. Nearly 70%of our teachers hold advanced degrees  and are excited about sharing the knowledge and experience they have in their subject areas. 

     For as small district we strive to offer our students every opportunity that students in larger districts receive.  In addition to outstanding core subject instruction, our students are given the chance to explore many other areas of study. Some of our offerings include Visual and Performing Arts, JROTC, Agricultural Science, Domestic Science, Culinary Arts, Computer Science, as well as AP Classes, Duel enrollment opportunities. For those students looking for career based instruction, Bamberg County School District has partnered with COPE Area Career Center. Through COPE high school students can take classes in Automotive Technology, Cosmetology, Early Childhood Education, Law Enforcement Education, Medical Sciences, and Welding.  

    On top of our incredible staff and a wide range of course offerings, we have a sense of community with which larger districts can't compete. Because we are a smaller district teachers and administrators get a chance to know the students and take a personal stake in their success.  Our average class size is 20 students and many classes are even smaller.  Teachers consequently have the opportunity to give students more support and personalized instruction. This combined with the hard work of our students, and the assistance of parents, support staff, and the community at large, Bamberg County School District exemplifies academic excellence!