Checklist for Enrollment/ Registration

In order to complete the enrollment of students, parents or legal guardians are required to provide the following information:

___ Certified Legal Birth Certificate      

___ Complete South Carolina Immunization Certificate  

___ Social Security Card

___ Withdrawal Form from Previous School

___ Guardianship Papers (if applicable)

___ Copy of Last Report Card (if applicable)

___ Copy of Special Education Records (IEP) (if applicable)

Proof of Residency


Category One (1 Required)


Property Tax bill for the permanent residence


Rental Lease (complete copy, listing all occupants)


Real Estate Closing Documents (If Applicable)


Category Two (2 Required)

___ Vehicle Tax Notice

___ Voter Registration Card

___ Electric Bill

___ Water Bill

___ Telephone Bill (cell phone not accepted)

___ Cable/ Satellite/ Internet Service Provider Bill (Any bills presented for proof must be within 30 days of school registration date).

___ Paycheck Stub or W-2

___ Letter or other notification/ printout from a recognized state or federal agency.







This is the form that parents need to fill out if they want their child to be transferred from the school in which they are zoned. For example, if a Denmark resident wants their student to go to Bamberg or vice versa.


Click Here to Download

the Intra-District Form



    If you reside out of the Bamberg County School District enrollment area and are interested in your child attending our district, please complete the Out-of-District application and return it to the Bamberg County School District office either by mail or in-person.

     Your application will need to be approved by the Bamberg County School District Board of Trustees. Prior to the application being presented to the Board of Trustees, you will need to obtain a release from your current school district. Please contact the district office of your current district for information on initiating this process, which should be done prior to submission of the application.

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Out-of-District Application